Update 2.0 Medieval – Starter Kit – Castles!

Update 2.0 Medieval – Starter Kit – Castles! Update 2.0 is coming and I’m adding Castle assets to the pack as a free upgrade if you’ve previously purchased the Medieval – Starter Kit on the Unity 3D Asset Store.

Unity Asset Store Link

Castle Assets
Castle Assets

In the new update there is going to be 20 new assets, which are all castle components, which can be used to create and build your own castle, just the way you like it. The assets are all modular based and low poly so you’ll be able to use them on mobile games without much overhead.

I’ve also been working on a new demo island to show how the assets could be used in your games, which is coming along nicely now.

Castle Assets Cannons
Castle Assets Cannons

I’ve also added a cannon Asset, which can be used as turrets on top of the castle towers (as shown above). Again this is a low poly asset and should be suitable for most implementations within your games including mobile deployments.

Additional extensions to the original medieval – starter pack include hay bails, which have a nice alpha blending texture as though the hay was coming out the side of the bail. Light shafts has also been added to give the environment a magical touch.

Hay Bails
Hay Bails

A new sand texture has also been added, which can be seen in the castle asset demonstration. The sand has white seashells mixed in with the sand which give it that extra dimension.

The screenshots on the asset store will be updated soon when the new assets have been approved and gone through the store administration. I’m also planning on creating a new WebGL build so that you’ll be able to try before you buy the assets or upgrade your existing assets.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress but it won’t be long now before I’m happy with everything and I’ll upload them to the store.

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