Medieval – Starter Kit 1.0

89 Unique Models provided in this collection.

Available to download now on the Unity 3d Asset Store:

Medieval – Starter Kit

With the Modular Environment Pack you’ll be able to construct your own houses, environments and style to fit your game. You have the complete freedom of how you make your houses and environment so that you’re not stuck with a static meshes that other developers are using.

I’ve also provided numerous prefabs, sample houses, demo scenes and supporting scripts and shaders for these assets.

89 Unique models include the following:

Modular House Components

27 self build modular house components models, which can be used to build any customisable house style you desire. The texture used for the modular components has been hand painted.

• Bases
• Roofs
• Logs
• Door
• Port Window
• Canopy extension
• Chimney
• Light
• Windmill with working script attached
• Towers
• Tower Roofs
• Stairs

Modular Environment Pack House Components


Variation of 25 different rocks to place in your scene with optional grassy tops to place on top.

• 7 x Small rock models
• 8 x Medium rock models
• 3 x Optional medium rock grassy tops
• 3 x Large rocks
• 3 x Optional large rock grassy tops
• 1 x Large arch rock

Modular Environment Pack Rock Components


Variation of 12 different foliage to add a little green to your scene. The texture for this foliage has been hand painted.

• 3 x Palm trunk models
• 4 x Tree trunks models
• 1 x Palm leaves model
• 1 x Tree Canopy model
• 1 x Normal Leaves model
• 2 x Vine models


7 different props. The texture for these props has been hand painted.

• 1 x Barrel model
• 1 x Anvil model
• 1 x Training dummy model
• 1 x Tent stall model
• 1 x Plant pot model
• 1 x Sandbag model
• 1 x Rope length model

Modular Environment Pack Small components
Wooden Beams

10 different wooden beams, which can be used for house supports, wooden structures, bridges etc. The texture for these props has been hand painted.

• 1 x Corner beam model
• 9 x Various sized wooden beams models


3 different styles of wooden fences. The texture for these props has been hand painted.

• 1 x Straight cut fence panel model
• 1 x Spike cut fence panel model
• 1 x Spike cut broken fence panel model


5 different styles of wooden bridges/tunnels. The texture for these props has been hand painted.

• 1 x Straight bridge model
• 1 x Lowered bridge model
• 1 x Raised bridge model
• 2 x Wooden Tunnel models

Textures, Shaders and Scripts

These have been included to support the assets

• 2 x Hand painted textures for the houses and foliage
• 2 x Procedurally generated baked textures for rocks and grassy tops
• 1 x Light emission texture for lights and windows
• 1 x Rotate script, rotating the windmill
• 1 x Render 2 sides and alpha supporting shader for the tree leaves

Thank you for looking and enjoy!

Update 05/01/2017:

Update 2 is now available and has even more assets included: Medieval – Starter Kit

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