Game Basics – Scripts Pack & Lowpoly environment

Soon the Unity Asset store will receive the “Game Basics – Scripts Pack”. You’ll be able to understand some of the basics of scripting using these scripts to kick start your game.

Game Basics – Scripts Pack – Features at a glance:

Game Basics - Scripts Pack screenshotPlayer & Enemy Health Bars, Point and click navigation using Navigation Mesh, Player & Enemy shooting, Experience pickups & more…



Camera Follow – The camera can be fixed on the player game object, which results in a smooth following motion. The developer can choose the lock position for the rotation of the camera and decide on the camera size. The size of the camera can be configured to adjust the focal length.

Game Manager – The developer can choose the mouse cursor texture that the game renders. The mouse cursor has been configured to be a cross-hair for the “Top down shooter” style of game play. A texture has been drawn with an alpha transparency layer, which is included with the resolution of 100 pixels by 100 pixels.

Character Controller – The character controller has been configured in a point and click style. The player can click the left mouse button to navigate to the mouse position at the time of the click event. The Navigation mesh controls the players movement. The right mouse button shoots in the direction of the mouse cursor, which can be during the movement. A bullet spawn location is attached to the player object, which controls where the bullet prefab is created though the script. Player statistics can be configured for speed, fire rate and the type of bullet.

Player – The player script can be configured to change the players name, experience points, health points and the pickup range. A reference to the players user interface can be changed here too.

Enemy – The enemy script can be configured to change the target the enemies are aiming towards. The enemies automatically and smoothly rotate towards the player if they are in range. The enemy name, experience minimum/maximum points to drop, health points and shoot speed can be configured. The experience object to drop when the enemy is killed by the player can also be configured and is currently setup to drop the experience ball included in the project. The user interface elements that are created are used in the master “GameUI” canvas and follow the enemy in position.Game Basics - Scripts Pack Screenshot

XP – A “gravitate” script that will move experience objects towards another object i.e the player. The experience dropped by the enemy slowly moves towards the player when the player is in range. The experience balls will decrease in speed and stop “Gravitating” towards the player when the player is out of range.

Dead Zone – The dead zone is a trigger collider that when entered will force the player back into the default starting position.

User Interface – Scripts

Game User Interface – The user interface included is a canvas that all the user interface elements are drawn. Enemy & player health bars are rendered on this canvas. Health bars automatically follow the player and enemies and continuously update their position on the canvas to track their targets. The player experience points are also rendered in the top left of the screen.

Low Poly Assets

Game Basics - Scripts Pack Wireframe

Demo Scene – The demo scene includes the following low poly assets:

  • World rock base
  • Rock
  • Tree
  • Bush
  • Crate
  • Base Building
  • Light
  • 2 x Vents
  • Stairs
  • 2 x Frames

Enjoy the Game Basics – Scripts Pack.







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