Azure Virtual Machine – Failed to start virtual machine

Azure Virtual Machine – Failed to start virtual machine

Failed to start virtual machine ‘virtualMachineName’. Error: Storage account ‘virtualMachineNameDiag’ not found. Ensure storage account is not deleted and belongs to the same Azure location as the VM.

I’ve recently come across this problem on Azure when trying to start a virtual machine from the “stopped” state. The diagnostic disk seems to have been removed when the machine was stopped, which is the cause of the error.

Reproduction steps

Create a virtual machine if you’ve not already got one and configure Boot Diagnostics

Stop the virtual machine, which causes the machine to “de-allocate” within Azure

Upon starting the virtual machine the error is presented above.


Under the “Support + troubleshooting” section of the virtual machine blade within your resource group have a look at the “Boot Diagnostics” blade.

Click on the “Settings” button within “Boot Diagnostics” and change the status to “Off”, which will trigger a configuration change to the virtual machine. You’ll get a notification when this has been completed.

Go back to the overview blade of the virtual machine and click “Restart”

In this case the virtual machine started normally again.

You can now enable “Boot diagnostics” again by going back to the settings panel and setting this back to “On”, however you’ll need to configure and provision a new storage account for virtual machine again.

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